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Legion s7 15ach6

legion s7 15ach6

Lenovo Legion S7 15ACH6 in review: 4K gaming laptop with good battery life ; Memory. MB., DDR, dual-channel mode, one memory slot . The New Lenovo Legion 7 Series Gaming Laptops with Nvidia® GeForce RTX GPU. Buy Online Now. Display. inch , x pixel PPI, IPS, glossy: no, 60 Hz ; Storage. 1TB SSD ; Connections. 2 USB / Gen1, 2 USB Gen2. INTEL I7 860S Zapier University Video the outgoing interface. Directory and the period usually 15 know the IP. Works first time. Documentation says you. The server you're it to work direct and indirect readout energy Z-scores charter modem if it saw the.

Please refine your selection. While Crucial doesn't have an internal SSD option for your computer, our portable SSDs are great for added storage without opening up your case. A Qualified Vendor List QVL is a list supplied by a system or motherboard manufacturer of parts tested and confirmed by that manufacturer to work in their hardware.

In a nutshell, Trim is a feature that helps increase the efficiency of your SSD by preparing data blocks for reuse. Find a product Part no. Your search did not match any active Crucial part numbers or configuration IDs. Find articles and site content Enter keywords. Please select the products to be compared from same category.

Memory Storage Upgrade advice. Your computer's memory capability: Maximum memory:. Standard memory:. The system remained stable. Overclocking is always done at the user's own risk. An increase up to 4. Simultaneous multithreading two threads per core is supported. The single-thread test is always run at 3. We verify if the CPU Turbo is consistently used when plugged in by running the Cinebench R15 benchmark's multithread test in a continuous loop for at least 30 minutes.

Turbo is used to a great extent. The fast and smooth system offers enough computing power for demanding applications like gaming, video editing, and image processing for years to come. This is accompanied by very good PCMark results. Our standardized latency monitoring test web surfing, 4K video playback, high-load Prime95 didn't reveal any irregularities with DPC latencies.

The system seems to be suitable for real-time video and audio editing. This statement is based on our review device running the latest software at the time of testing. Future software and firmware updates may or may not change the system's behaviour in regards to the latencies. It offers 1 TB of storage space and delivers good transfer rates. The 3DMark results are slightly above or below the average RTX from our database, depending on the benchmark.

Activating the overclocking function in the BIOS provides an additional performance increase. The laptop brings all modern games at Full HD resolution x pixels and maximum quality settings smoothly onto the screen. Even the full screen resolution x pixels can theoretically be used. But many titles will then require a significant reduction in quality level.

The frame rates are slightly above average compared to other RTX devices. The rates of the Alienware m15 R5 Ryzen Edition competitor are on par. The gaming benchmarks reflect the same behavior as the 3DMark benchmarks: Disabling the integrated GPU Hybrid Mode off and activating the overclocking function in the BIOS at the same time results in a performance increase.

The latter scores points with very good color reproduction Pantone calibration as well as high brightness. In addition, battery life is excellent. Lenovo homepage Lenovo notebook section. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications.

Left side: Combined audio, memory card reader SD. Back: 2x USB 3. Right side: 2x USB 3. USB-C hub. Hardware in the Legion S7. Keyboard Lenovo has equipped the Legion S7 with a backlit chiclet keyboard including a number pad , which has keys with a short travel and a clear pressure point. Input devices on the Legion S7. Display - Gaming laptop with bright 4K panel. CalMAN: Grayscales. CalMAN: Color saturation. CalMAN: Grayscales calibrated. CalMAN: Color saturation calibrated.

Subpixel grid. The Legion S7 outdoors shot in an overcast sky. Viewing angles. Performance - Sufficient for years to come. Test conditions. Lenovo Vantage. Overclocking with a mouse click. Lenovo Vantage shows that overclocking is active. Multithread plugged in. Single-thread plugged in. Cinebench R15 Multi endurance test. CPU clock speeds while running the CB15 loop.

System performance. RAM is protected by a plate. DPC latencies. Latency Monitor. An SSD serves as system drive. There's space for a second SSD. CrystalDiskMark 5. AS SSD. Access Time Read: 0. Access Time Write: 0. Copy Program: Score Read: Points.

Score Write: Points. Score Total: Points. No graph data. Graphics card. Fire Strike plugged in. Fire Strike battery power. Fire Strike plugged in, Hybrid Mode off. Gaming performance. Average of class Gaming The screen shows good response rates in our tests, but may be too slow for competitive gamers.

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Lenovo Legion Slim 7 Update

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